Dance Curriculum

Ballet is an academic dance form with a technique all its own (most notably the turnout of the legs). Ballet technique is the foundation on which all other forms of dance are built. Ballet instruction emphasizes proper body alignment and carriage of arms, jumps, turns, and extensions. It is best known for its graceful, flowing, precise movements and ethereal qualities. It is the highest development of skill and promotes self-expression by integrating all of the creative arts.


Pointe is a form of dance in which special shoes are worn that allows the ballet dancer to balance on the tip of her toes. Mandatory requisites for pointe include entire body coordination and ankle strength. The pointe dancer must adapt to a new position without strain or losing placement gained from ballet barre and center work.


Jazz is a forever-changing form of popular dance that includes a variety of movement (such as isolations of specific body parts), stretching, and strengthening. Turns and progressions across the floor and combinations of various styles of jazz are taught. Ballet vocabulary and technique are helpful.


Tap is a style of American theatrical dance distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise patterns on the floor. Special shoes with metal plates on the bottom produce the tap sounds. Tap expresses rhythm, develops coordination, and teaches musical timing. Different styles, such as Broadway and street tap, are taught.


Hip Hop is a dance style that combines forms of jazz heavily based on body isolations. Hip hop is an exciting, street-driven, music video dance style that is a favorite of all dancers.


Baton We are proud to be the only dance studio in the area to offer instruction in baton twirling. Baton class encourages development in agility, timing, and gross and fine motor skills. A fun and unique experience!


Creative Dance is an exciting combination of ballet and tap class for ages three and four that emphasizes motor coordination skills and creativity. Our pre-school curriculum introduces children to music and movement by including an introduction to ballet and tap steps with their proper vocabulary. Fun songs, dance games, props, and mat work are included.


Lyrical Ballet has its primary emphasis in ballet yet has the freedom of using aspects of jazz, contemporary, and modern dance. It is expressive and dynamic yet subtle at times. Its focus is on conveying musicality and emotion through movement as it is set to popular music. The song's lyrics are the inspiration for the choreography. Ballet background is required.


Zumba fuses Latin rhythms and easy-to-follow dance moves in a one-of-a-kind fitness program that is dynamic, exciting, and effective. Zumba is a total body, fat-burning workout using lively Latin music as its core. Its routines combine fast and slow rhythms and resistance training thereby toning and sculpting the body while burning fat.



Creative Dance : (Ages 3 & 4) Black leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt, pink ballet shoes, black patent tap shoes


Ballet: Black leotard, pink tights, ballet skirt, pink ballet shoes (and pink pointe shoes if applicable)


Jazz and Tap: Black leotard, pink tights, dance shorts, or dance pants, black jazz shoes (age 7 and up), black tap oxfords (age 7 and up), black patent tap shoes (ages 3-6). Students age 5-6 wear ballet shoes for jazz.


Hip Hop: T-shirt and shorts or dance pants, black hip hop sneakers


Baton: T-shirt and shorts or dance pants, black jazz shoes


Birthday Parties

We offer super dancing birthday parties! Plan on an hour of dance and musical games for ages 3-5 and hip hop for ages 6 and older in the dance studio. Then it's on to the party room for cake and snacks. Have fun! We'll clean up!